Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Cleaned out of a School in Miami, FL

Fire from a nearby room covered the walls in smoke and soot. The damage in the hallway was superficial and simple to clean. Trash is picked up from inside the r... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke in a Miami apartment

Using appropriate products and fire damage restoration procedures, most surfaces that were affected were restored to new. Some surfaces weren’t so lucky a... READ MORE

A Drenched Carpet in Miami, FL

A simple water leak can turn into a dilemma really fast. Upon arrival, there wasn't a dry foot of carpet in sight. Remediation commenced immediately to prevent ... READ MORE

Plumbing Damage in Miami, FL

Neglected water damage can often conceal something much worse. Most mold situations start off with a water damage. Ambient conditions promote mold growth in the... READ MORE

Theater Flooded by a Broken Pipe in Miami, FL

When water floods the room, call us and forget the mop! Water flooding can damage flooring, walls, and more. Our team began extracting water from the damaged ar... READ MORE