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Breaker box with wall leaking with water

Fire from a breaker box in Miami, FL

A leak near the fuse box lead to fire and smoke damaging every room in the house. Pipe leaks can form due to corrosion over time but can be prevented with proper plumbing maintenance. This is unfortunate for the average home owner who seemingly can’t keep up with every nuance of home maintenance. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Having a plan that reminds one of the necessities to maintain a home such as plumbing maintenance dates and activities is important. There are many resources available to research and develop a basic plan to keep your home in shape. Should your home succumb to damage related to a fire, call us! We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Picture is an air conditioner in a closet with a leaking pipe leading under the unit.

One More Air Conditioner Malfunction in Miami, FL

An exposed pipe is at an increased risk of damage as it is exposed to elements it wouldn't face otherwise. This pipe was damaged and began leaking, damaging the carpet below it. This case was a fortunate one because the damage was visible and surface level. Restoration of this property required air conditioning, plumbing, and water damage service to get back to new. SERVPRO was called in and took care of the problem to the owner's satisfaction. Quick and simple, "Like it never even happened."

Picture is under a frame that held an air conditioner where the paint on the wall has run from water damaging the drywall.

Damaged Wall from Unknown Source in Miami, FL

In a case like this, the cause isn't so simple. There could be a burst pipe in the wall/air unit or an external source that cause water to seep into the drywall and damage the point. There could be underlying issues if not inspected and handled properly. We'll handle the problem, call our team today so we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Picture is a seemingly normal toilet while the nearby floor is drenched in water.

Toilet Leak Leads to a Larger Issue in Miami, FL

Toilets are not as simple as one may perceive.

A toilet is a complex system of mechanisms and plumbing that allows one to dispose of waste. In the case of this flush toilet, a plumbing malfunction occurred causing a water leak and flooding a room nearby. Even the tiniest leak can lead to a larger issue if not handled effectively. Don't let a leak destroy your home. We can remediate it and make it "Like it never even happened."

Picture is an air conditioning unit with some damaged piping, wetting and damaging the wall near it.

Air Conditioner Malfunction in Miami, FL

A byproduct of an air conditioner running is water. This water is a result of the air conditioner cooling incoming air. A pipe is run out from the air conditioner to remove any excess water in the system. In cases like this, there may be a malfunction in the piping or the air conditioner itself that can create a leak and damage surrounding areas. Act quick! Our team is ready for such emergencies with the proper tools and training before further damage occurs.

Picture is a small laundry room with a rusty washing machine on a floor stained with white dust.

Laundry Machine Leak fixed in Miami, FL

A laundry machine malfunction leading to a water damage is common. There are many moving parts and paths for water flow that wear over time. Prevention and proper maintenance are important to keep your machine operating optimally. Our team understands life can get in the way of maintaining a laundry machine. We are prepared to clean and repair any damages to your property to make it "Like it never even happened."

Picture is a bathroom, seemingly normal with no signs of damage.

Water Damaging a Bathroom in Miami, FL

Can you spot the damage?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the water can go unseen only to be discovered after it caused some damage. By this time, any porous materials can absorb the moisture and spread. Our team is ready with the necessary equipment to extract the water and stop any further damage from occurring.